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Get Unwrapped!

Your Journey to Self-Discovery and Empowerment

A Message To Women Education Leaders:

This past year has been nothing short of liberating. Individually and together, we have been on a journey of self-discovery, finding our voice, and embracing our authentic self. As we share our stories in Unwrapped and start to heal, We realize this process's immense power. That's why we are thrilled to extend an invitation to you.


At the Lucy Leadership Project we poured our hearts into creating self-paced modules based on our Amazon best-selling book, "Unwrapped: The Pursuit of Justice for Women Educators." This online learning journey is designed to guide you through your very own Unwrapped Journey. It's about realizing that you are enough and that your leadership matters.


What can you expect from this enriching and empowering experience?

  • Discovering your inner strength and worth

  • Gaining insights into authentic leadership

  • Navigating your personal journey of growth, self-discovery, and empowerment

We invite you to take the next step. Join us on this transformative adventure by registering for the learning journey, Get Unwrapped! Your Journey To Self-Discovery and Empowerment. We encourage you to share this journey with another woman leader, colleague, or friend. It is the perfect opportunity for a shared journey. Start to create your own Unwrapped community and create your own book club. 


Give yourself the gift of personal development. You deserve it, and we truly believe this journey can bring about positive change in your life.


Register here:The Unwrapped Learning Journey


Time for women leaders everywhere to become Unwrapped! 

Kendra & Kelly

Founders, Lucy Leadership Project

Co-Authors, Unwrapped: The Pursuit Of Justice For Women Educators


Email us your questions:


Register Today!

Enroll in this virtual learning journey designed to empower women educators in their pursuit of justice. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to thrive in your leadership. Together, let's equip ourselves to create positive change in ourselves, our schools, and our communities. MODULES ARE LIVE! 

Scan the QR code or click 'enroll here'. 

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