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Upcoming Workshops

Anatomy Of A Boundary

A 3 session courage building workshop for women leaders at all levels.

This workshop will focus on how we think, feel, and ultimately behave when setting healthy boundaries in our personal and professional lives. Boundary setting is a skill set that can be learned but must be practiced. Participants will learn how to teach people how we want to be treated and how they can have access to us. 

Participants must attend all three sessions.

A pdf workbook will be provided for participants.

All sessions will be virtual via Zoom. 

Hold The Dates: 

February 29

March 14

March 28

All Sessions: 7:00PM-8:30PM EST


Kelly Peaks Horner, M.Ed.

Co-Founder, Lucy Leadership Project

Co-Author, "Unwrapped: The Pursuit Of Justice For Women Educators

Portia Burch

Activist & Anti-racism Educator

Portia teaches healthy boundary setting in her work. 


Space is limited.

About Facilitator Portia Burch

Portia Burch is a Black queer activist and Omaha native currently living in Chicago, with a specific focus on anti-racism work, decolonizing, and abolition. Portia was activated by the murder of Michael Brown, Jr. and the subsequent protests and riots in Ferguson, MO. As consciousness shifts towards reckoning with racism and white supremacy in the world, Portia is working to create spaces that are just and equitable as a way to build communities that are focused on healing and growing. She does this by curating and nurturing spaces to unlearn and decolonize behaviors that have upheld racism and white supremacy culture. Her priority is and will always be the uplifting of Black people, Indigenous people, and other people of the global majority. She is intentional in her work so that people working to be active anti-racists and social justice accomplices understand that by making the groups they advocate for their priority, the decolonization becomes a natural act and creates effective change.

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